With maternity care in the headlines again today, here's what we're doing to help our families

Sadly, maternity care is facing further criticism today following a report published by the Care Quality Commission. Find out how we're working hard to improve maternity care for families with twins, triplets or more

We're helping hospitals deliver the best care

Behind the scenes we are making sure that NHS Hospital Trusts and Health Boards throughout the UK deliver the best possible care for women who are pregnant wtih twins, triplets or more

How multiple births midwives helped my boys

On International Day of the Midwife we are re-newing calls for every hospital in the UK to have a Multiple Births Midwife after the RCN (Royal College of Nursing) published new guidance for Hospital Trusts on the key role.

Helping the NHS to ensure the best possible care for babies from multiple births

We’re calling on NHS Trusts throughout the UK to ensure they have Twins Clinics for multiple birth families as we know they deliver good care.

Pregnant women in England now allowed birth partners at all appointments

Partners in England now allowed at scans and alongside mums for the whole pregnancy journey in a victory for campaigners, including Twins Trust.

World Prematurity Day 2020

17th November marks World Prematurity Day and this year we are celebrating all of our prem twins, triplets and more and how far they have come.

Twins Trust welcomes report from NMPA

The National Maternity and Perinatal Audit reveals better data is needed to reveal a fuller picture of what care is like for twins, triplets and more within the NHS. Find out more...

Lockdown guidance changed for parents with babies in neonatal care

With restrictions in place due to Covid-19 neonatal care can be an even more worrying and unsettling time for parents.

Success for parents of premature babies

After years of campaigning, parents of premature babies will be able to claim an extra £160 a week under new measures announced at the budget on March 11.

Natasha's HELLP Syndrome story

This is a photo of the first time I held my twins, Arthur & Heidi. It was 33 hours after they were born. I waited 2 days after this picture was taken to see them again. This is my story...

Pregnancy & Baby Charities Network – How we work with other charities

We're working with other charities and calling on the Government to ensure the UK is the safest place for giving birth with the best medical care possible.

Extra parental leave for parents of babies in neonatal care

We began campaigning on this issue around seven years ago as so many parents have to watch their babies’ fight for their lives in neonatal care after being born prematurely.

Improve maternity/paternity pay for parents of multiples

We’re delighted to be supporting twin mum Stevie Lauren who has started a campaign to improve maternity/paternity pay. Find out more...

Working with the NHS to ensure better and safer maternity care

After many year of campaigning, multiple births are now explicitly mentioned in the Clinical Negligence Scheme for Trusts (CNST).