19th June 2019

We’re delighted to be supporting twin mum Stevie Lauren who has started a campaign to improve maternity/paternity pay for mums and dads raising multiples.

Regardless of what your household earns you receive the same amount of statutory maternity pay you would receive for one child.

If you earn below a certain amount there is a means tested SureStart grant you can apply for which is a one off payment of £500 and if you’re a single parent out of work you would receive Universal Credit.

Stevie applied for a SureStart grant but was turned down as their household income was just over the threshold. Every spare penny Stevie had whilst pregnant and working full time went on everything needed for the birth of two babies.

Stevie only just managed to keep the family above water, but it was at a cost. Her mental health suffered and the couple were forced to take out a loan for a broken boiler and garage roof repair.

Life post birth was starting to take a negative turn, at what should have been the most joyous time.

Adjusting to being a first time mum of twins, looking after two babies was hard emotionally, physically and Stevie was riddled with constant anxiety over money.

She believed it hindered her ability to be a mother, put extra strain on her relationship and felt her children suffered as a result because they were not getting the best out of their parents.

Stevie says: “No-one ever really plans to have twins. It was a natural occurrence for us and I believe most multiple parents are put at a disadvantage financially from the beginning with no extra support.

“I am petitioning that an extra allowance towards maternity pay should be available to claim for all parents of multiples. This disadvantage needs acknowledging from the Government and re-addressing for equality.” You can sign the petition here https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/259097