31st March 2017 

Twins Trust has today congratulated Anton Du Beke and his partner Hannah Summers on the safe arrival of their twins – a boy and a girl – and offered some essential tips for those looking after newborns. 

The organisation is the only UK-wide charity which supports families with twins, triplets and higher-order multiple births.

Twins Trust CEO Keith Reed said: “A huge congratulations to Anton and Hannah - they must be excited, nervous and very emotional right now.

“Bringing twins into the world is an incredible experience and, as many of our families will confirm, twins means double the joy and double the love.

“The number of multiple births seems to be increasing, with the latest figures showing there were 11,073 multiple birth maternities in 2015, compared to 10,989 in 2014 – so more and more families are joining the gang!

“But two hungry mouths to feed and two babies needing sleep and changes at different times can be overwhelming too.

“Our charity has lots of advice for families with newborn twins to help them cope with doing everything on twice the scale.

“The best piece of advice is probably to take all the offers of help you’re given. Remember the family members and friends who offered to lend a hand and call them when you need them.

“We have lots of practical tips at www.twinstrust.org too – and our website can answers questions about co-bedding twins and feeding more than one baby at once.

“Finally, if families of multiples join our charity and become a member, they can receive lots of discounts on the high street and online. And I think all our families will agree that making your money go further is of vital importance with newborns in the house.

“We can’t wait to see how Anton and Hannah’s twins grow and develop – it will be an amazing adventure for them.”

Visit www.twinstrust.org for support and advice. Questions from multiple families about any aspect of pregnancy or raising children can be emailed to asktwinline@twinstrust.org