11th September 2016

A HUGE thank you to Kelli Young from Liberty X who donated her Pointless winnings to Twins Trust this weekend.

Kelli was on the show with bandmate Jessica. Together they competed against other music stars including Heather from M-People and Toyah Willcox. The singing starlet is a mum of twin boys and last appeared on the BBC quiz show when she was pregnant.

Presenter Alexander Armstrong spoke to her about the last time she was on the show. She said: “Yes, I was pregnant. They’re three-and-a-half now….twin boys.” Alexander asked what it was like raising twins and whether they kept each other company. She replied: “They do now. The first year was….uh….wow. [I’m now] mostly being a mum of twins until they start school. And then I’ll be back out in the workplace doing who knows what?”

Kelli correctly guessed questions about famous Bills and knew that the Hull City footballer who took the team to the top flight in 2008 was Dean Windass. 
The Liberty X duo got through to the final answering a question about where in the human body different parts were located.
In the final they came close to a Pointless answer, by guessing that Little Britain won a British Comedy Award for Best TV Comedy, scoring two points. However, they failed to come up with the elusive zero-point answer.
Despite losing out on the £2,500 jackpot, Jessica and Kelli were still given £500 to divide between their chosen charities. 
Kelli said: “My charity is Twins Trust.
“They actually helped me and gave me lots of advice when I was a clueless mum of newborn twins.”