Volunteer Day 2022

Twins Trust volunteers were praised and rewarded for their work during the charity’s annual Volunteer Day.

TAPS, Identical Twins & Covid – A Story of Surviving

It’s the start of a new chapter for twin mum Nichola Luther, who has just published her first book, TAPS, Identical Twins & Covid – a Story of Surviving.

Chester and Otis - Fighting with Selective Intrauterine Growth Restriction

Born prematurely in July 2021, twins Chester and Otis met outside the womb for the first time ever in September and enjoyed their first cuddle together.

Baby Loss Awareness Week 2021

Thousands of families and their friends across the country will join together to mark Baby Loss Awareness Week (9 October - 15 October), which is now in its 19th year.

Introducing our new CEO

This week we welcomed Shauna Leven to the Twins Trust team as our new CEO.

Helping parents feel confident they are getting the correct care

NHS England show their support for #TTMWeek and how important it is for our expectant parents to receive the correct care...

5 of the most popular questions asked by parents of twins, triplets or more

After 30 years of service we look at what the most popular questions we receive via Twinline...

Triple the love for a triplet dad

Steven’s girls – Mollie, Poppie and Evelyn – have come on leaps and bounds since their very early arrival at just 26 weeks. Read his story...

Why I've been volunteering for 22 years

"I love helping people and even though I may not need the support now, I want to be there for lone families as I know what it’s like." Lucene shares why she volunteers.

We welcome first ever multiple births midwife 'job description'

The Royal College of Nursing has just published a new standard for nursing and midwifery staff in caring for women expecting twins, triplets or more.

What we've achieved during 12 months of a pandemic

It’s been a year of firsts and adapting to ever-changing restrictions but we’re super proud of what we achieved together. Here’s just a few highlights…

More twins are being born than ever before

Twins Trust made national and international headlines following the release of the first comprehensive global overview in Human Reproduction which shows more twins are being born.

8 interesting facts about twins you may not have known...

As parents, we all know how amazing twins are but did you know this...? We have 8 interesting facts about twins that you may not have heard yet!

My breastfeeding journey

Lucy is now one our peer supporters, helping others with feeding challenges. She shares her own breastfeeding journey...

Impact of Covid on our families

Almost 80% of families who took part in our survey about the effect of the Covid-19 pandemic said it took a toll on their mental health.

A twin mum's tips for dealing with anxiety

"I think as parents of twins we definitely experience heightened anxiety. I promise it’s not just you." Melanie shares her thoughts...

Improving families' mental health with crisis support

Our crisis support helps families to address their challenges and make significant improvements.

David's story

“It was a difficult time for all four of us,” said David, who says his wife is the most amazing mum. "The routine that we had suddenly was not working for us.

Should twins and triplets be kept together or apart at school?

We've rounded up what a worldwide ICOMBO study found.

Being a Teenage Twin

"Being a teen twin is strange. I have never known any different, of course, but sometimes I wonder..." Amy shares her thoughts on being a twin.

My little pandemic miracles

"On Wednesday April 1st, I gave birth to my twin boys, Ben and Charlie. My little pandemic miracles!"

How Lorna supports families with twins, triplets or more

During national volunteers week, we chat to one of our Norland trained volunteers.

Here for all families at all times

"We could not believe our luck. We had always wanted twins! We were so excited and I was keen to do everything right ..."

Results from prem baby prevention study

Hundreds of families from Twins Trust took park in the STOPPIT2 study - your support helped answer an important question.

A blog by me - Isabelle (aged 7)

My name is Isabelle and I’m a twin.  My twin sister is called Sophie. I wrote this blog for Twins Trust on what it’s like being a twin. 

Twin parents tell powerful stories as we turn 40

Founder members mingled with MPs and Lords at a special event to celebrate Twins Trust's 40th.

Judi's story

Judi Linney tells us all about her experience of having twins in the 70's and how she became one of the founders of Twins Trust over 40 years ago...

Supporting Parents with Postnatal Depression

What’s the single most important thing you can do for yourself or a loved one? Ask. For. Help.

Tamba is Changing

We have new, ambitious objectives that will help more families with twins, triplets and more than ever before. Take a look at what we’re going to achieve...

Research Answers "Together or Apart at School?" Question

A researcher has been looking into the “together or apart at school” question, investigating the impact it has on twins, triplets or more. Read more...

Twin pregnancy growth charts launched

Our twin pregnancy growth charts are now available and being used in hospitals. They're a world first and it's thanks to you.

Triplet parents faced tough decision after TAPS diagnosis

When parents-to-be Penny and Adam were told their unborn triplets had a rare complication (TAPS), they had a difficult decision to make about the future of their babies and feared losing all three.