15th November 2019

So you are a grandparent of twins, triplets or more. We think you are awesome, here’s why we think being a grandparent to twins, triplets or more is so special:

  1. Twins, triplets and more are hard work in the early days. There’s two, three or more nappies to be changed and lots of feeds to do, so an extra pair of grandparents’ hands is hugely appreciated!
  2. It’s important to spend time with each of the children individually to encourage their own special personalities to grow. Grandparents can play an important part in helping parents enjoy one to one time with the children by looking after one or more of the children. This, of course, means that grandparents get to spend special time with their grandchildren too!
  3. You know that cooking a meal or making a cuppa for the parents is a welcome treat as the early days (and beyond!) are extremely busy.
  4. You’re that listening ear for the Mum or Dad when they need it. Having someone to talk to is essential. Remember we have a free phone listening service for anybody involved in the care of multiples, Twinline.
  5. You are super organised. When the twins, triplets or more visit, you’ve got this nailed! A spilt drink, no worries, there’s a spare top in Grandad’s cupboard. Low on nappies, Grandma has some in her bathroom.
  6. And probably the best bit…whenever you see your grandchildren, you get to have double, triple or quadruple the cuddles. There’s nothing more special than that!

If you're a grandparent to multiples, or you've just found you're about to be, we have a factsheet for you. Click here to download.