We have collecting stories from families with multiples on their experiences of parenting twins, and what Twins Trust did to help. 

Annie's story

Annie Burton twins were 9 months old when she found out she was expecting again - with another set of twins!

Shellie's story

Shellie Burton was able to breastfeed comfortably and with success after a little guidance at first in the hospital.

Charlie's Story

Charlie Beswick's twin son was born with one eye. Sharing her story enables Charlie to help herself and others.

Sonya's Story

Twins’ closeness can sometimes mask autism in one child, but both are better off when their needs are recognised. Sonya Mallin shares her story in the hope it can help other families.

Michelle's Story

“It’s like having family you can go to for advice.” That’s the view of twin mum Michelle Bourne, who said she has benefited hugely from the support of Twins Trust experts.

Helene's Story

Having a Twins Trust volunteer expert at the end of the phone with some handy techniques has been a real lifeline for parents Helene and Gordon Stewart.  

Susie's Story

A phonecall to Twins Trust and a simple change to the daily routine for her twins made all the difference for mum Susie Hannam.

Diana's story

Twin mum Diana Daborn called Twinline in despair over sleep and routines issues in 2016 – now she volunteers as a Twinline listener herself.