Getting organised for starting school 'take two'!

Mum of five and Twins Trust’s social media officer, Victoria, shares how she felt when her first set of twins started school and her top tips for keeping organised.

Travelling with twins: Prepare Prepare Prepare

Twins Trust CEO Shauna Leven on making the best of being stuck in a metal tube at 35,000 feet with lively toddlers.

Test of Nerves

Teaching your kids to drive turns every parent into a learner. Especially when there's more than one!

Ways to keep your children cool this summer

When the sun is shining in summertime, how do you keep your twins, triplets or more cool?

Our top tips when making school applications for your twins, triplets or more

When applying for school places, as a parent of multiples, you might have a few extra questions questions that need answering.  

Tips for vaccinating twins, triplets or more

From the start of our parenting journey, vaccinations are a regular occurrence, but when you have twins, triplets or more, it can be even trickier trying to work out the best way to tackle these appointments.

International Men's Day 2021 - Chris Jenkins' Story

On International Men’s Day we celebrate triplet dad Chris Jenkins whose identical triplet boys were born in May and have been home for eight weeks.

Travelling with twins, triplets or more

As the world opens up, are you thinking of taking your twins, triplets or more on holiday abroad? We have some top tips for you, all shared by parents of twins, triplets or more.

10 ways to get outside with your twins, triplets or more

Coaxing the kids away from the latest video game can be a struggle so we’ve got ideas to give them the best OUTDOOR summer!

How did/do you help others to tell your identical twins apart?

We asked parents how they helped friends, family members and carers tell their identical twins apart.

How to keep your little ones safe (and warm) when driving in winter

With icy mornings and chilly days, it’s a good time to think about how to keep your little ones safe and warm when travelling in the car.

Helping twins and triplets embrace their individuality

How can you help develop individuality in your twins, triplets or more? We’ve got some suggestions to help embrace their individuality.

Tips to help with weaning twins, triplets or more

Weaning will be mess! Here's some things we wish we'd been told before starting weaning with our twins, triplets or more...

Winnie the Pooh quotes

Some wise old words that we think all parents of twins, triplets or more will love.

Caught in the Web: 7 tips to keep your children safe online

Spending time online has become a huge part of our childrens' lives; now more than ever. Read our tips to keep them safe...

Reasons to love being a parent of twins, triplets and more

Having one child is a big journey to embark upon but having more than one (at the same time!) is incredible and something that we should all be celebrating.

Born on Christmas day

Twin mum, Karen Gardner, pulls out all the stops to ensure it's the best day ever!

Our first real Christmas as a family

Sinead and Colin are hoping for a fun-filled family Christmas this year after mum spent last year without her twin daughters.

Feeling blessed to have triplets

My triplets have been a constant source of joy during lockdown, says proud mum Debbie. "Their lovely friendship and bond came out even more during lockdown,"

Ways to keep your twins, triplets or more amused in half term

Who has heard “I’m bored” already? We’re here to rescue you with some simple ideas to keep your twins or more amused.

Question time with our Breastfeeding Peer Supporter

Our peer supporters are mothers who have breastfed their twins and trained with NCT to support other mothers of multiples.

Success as a single mum

"I think I’ve done okay...I do feel incredibly proud of them both!" Claire shares her experience of raising twins as a single mum for other parents of multiples...

How can I keep my babies cool in the heat?

Babies aren't able to regulate their own heat as well as we can and can’t tell us when they are hot, so it’s important to ensure they are protected from the heat.

Prepare your twins, triplets or more for starting school

Are your little ones taking the giant leap into school next September? We have tips to prepare.

How to survive the summer holidays with twins, triplets or more

We've got ideas to make the school holidays fun for you AND the kids.

How to help anxiety in children

Claire Burgess, Family Consultant from Bespoke Family, has shared support to help.

Things you get used to with pre-teen twins and triplets

Our kids are growing up. But they still need us. With new concerns as they grow up, solutions can seem harder but we love the challenge.

Have fun playing with your twins, triplets or more

Here are some tips, aimed at pre-school children, on how to make play with your twins, triplets or more fun for everyone.

I wish I'd known these things about potty training

Potty training - it's messy, it's frustrating, but we're all in this together!  We have support to help with twins, triplets or more...

Weaning tips from parents of twins, triplets or more

We asked our lovely Facebook followers what their tips for weaning twins, triplets or more are, and they’ve come up with some great ones to help.

My maternity leave with twins

I hope you make the most of your maternity leave. And know that if you find it really hard and occasionally wish you’d only had one baby, it’s ok, you’re not alone. Read Anais' experience...

Top tips for potty training twins, triplets or more

Potty training two or more toddlers isn't usually as difficult as parents expect it to be and in most cases will soon become a distant memory. Here’s our top tips…

How to avoid the teeth brushing battles with twins, triplets or more

Life is busy. Trying to fit in those daily tasks can be tricky especially when your twins, triplets or more aren’t willing to do the task… Here's some tips for cleaning teeth

The day of the unexpected news

It had never even crossed my mind that I might have twins so the day we found out was the biggest shock of my life so far! This is how I felt when I first found out there was more than one...

Our best Christmas ever!

Nicola’s twins were due in January 2016 but they had other ideas and arrived minutes before midnight on Christmas Day, 2015. It's not every year you get two babies for Christmas!

Our first Christmas with twins

Christmas will be incredibly special for Viki Shaw and partner Daniel Lord as they celebrate it for the first time with their rainbow baby twin girls Summer Violet and Isabella Rose.

"Pride was always important to us as a couple... but even more so now we have triplets"

The journey to parenthood was never easy for Angela McArthur and Siobhan Cullen but after realising they wanted to start a family, they looked at the options available to them as a same-sex couple.