Reminders for parents of twins, triplets or more...

It’s emotional, stressful, overwhelming but oh so lovely and sometimes parents just need a little reminder that they’ve got this.

10 funny bedtime excuses from our twins and triplets

Our twin and triplet parents at Twins Trust share the funny excuses they’ve heard for why their children can't go to sleep…

13 Things that aren't (but should be) in parenting books

You’ve read 50 different articles on feeding, how to discipline fairly and how to choose a school. But they never tell you THIS……

7 Reasons you're a great parent to your twins, triplets or more

As parents, we can sometimes be guilty of beating ourselves up. But we think you’re pretty awesome if…

I wish I'd known these things about potty training

Potty training - it's messy, it's frustrating, but we're all in this together!  We have support to help with twins, triplets or more...

What type of Mum are you?

Mums….it takes all sorts. Do all mummy friends fall into these groups?! For a bit of fun, which one would you say you are? Blog by Twins and a Tortoise

10 Things Your Mum Never Told You

Being a mother is one of the most frustrating, but rewarding jobs to have. The best kept mum secrets are just how much she sacrificed for you. Here's 10 things she never told you...

What mums of twins, triplets or more really want for Mother's Day

While we’re not going to be disappointed with a lovely bunch of flowers, there are a few things that would make the day absolutely perfect.

11 positives to having twins, triplets or more

Having twins, triplets or more can feel slightly overwhelming at times, but there's so many things that are amazing about having multiples. We narrowed it down to our favourite eleven.

What they don't tell you about being a parent of twins, triplets or more

The pay is rubbish, the hours are long and there’s no such thing as a break. BUT being a parent is the most fulfilling job you'll ever have.

7 Book quotes that parents of twins, triplets or more will love

To mark World Book Day we've got quotes from classic books that we think all parents of twins, triplets or more will love.

Weaning tips from parents of twins, triplets or more

We asked our lovely Facebook followers what their tips for weaning twins, triplets or more are, and they’ve come up with some great ones to help.

6 things parents with twins, triplets or more will recognise all too well

As much as we adore our beautiful children, there are a few things we’ve noticed that are decidedly different to having just one.

Get your twins, triplets or more to bed in 'only' 47 steps...

"One more story", "I'm not tired", "I need to pee" ... As parents, we hear it all but we've narrowed the bedtime routine down to 'only' 47 steps!

My maternity leave with twins

I hope you make the most of your maternity leave. And know that if you find it really hard and occasionally wish you’d only had one baby, it’s ok, you’re not alone. Read Anais' experience...

8 important tips for a new twin, triplet or more parent

Have you recently welcomed twins, triplets or more to the family? We have 8 important tips from a parent of multiples to help you feel prepared.

Why parents of twins, triplets or more are amazing

Some days you may feel like you’re failing. On a good day, you might even feel stunningly average. We think you’re smashing it!

Mastering teeth cleaning in 20 (simple?) steps

It can be a struggle when there's two or more running rings around you. We’ve narrowed it down to 20 steps, guaranteed to take 30 minutes or less...

Top tips for potty training twins, triplets or more

Potty training two or more toddlers isn't usually as difficult as parents expect it to be and in most cases will soon become a distant memory. Here’s our top tips…

14 Signs You're Better at This Parenting Thing Than You Think

As parents, we're sometimes guilty of beating ourselves up. We want to celebrate all parents of multiples out there with 14 signs you’re better than you think.

6 Bedtime excuses all parents of twins, triplets or more have heard...

Bedtime is one of the trickiest time of the day – they’re tired, you’re tired and yet it’s the time when you need the most patience.

How to avoid the teeth brushing battles with twins, triplets or more

Life is busy. Trying to fit in those daily tasks can be tricky especially when your twins, triplets or more aren’t willing to do the task… Here's some tips for cleaning teeth

9 Reasons to love being a parent of twins, triplets and more

Having one child is a big journey to embark upon but having more than one (at the same time!) is incredible and something that we should all be celebrating.

7 Winnie the Pooh quotes all parents of twins, triplets or more will love

To celebrate Winnie the Pooh day, we’ve found some of Pooh’s wise old words that we think all parents of twins, triplets or more will love.

The day of the unexpected news

It had never even crossed my mind that I might have twins so the day we found out was the biggest shock of my life so far! This is how I felt when I first found out there was more than one...

5 New Year's resolutions we've already broken

We’ve come up with five New Year’s resolutions most of us have already broken. But hey, we’ve also come up with the reasons why that’s totally okay.

Surviving New Year's Eve with Twins, Triplets or More

New Year's Eve can be slightly overrated. Since having children, our night has been a little different. Here's what new year looks like with twins, triplets or more...

Our best Christmas ever!

Nicola’s twins were due in January 2016 but they had other ideas and arrived minutes before midnight on Christmas Day, 2015. It's not every year you get two babies for Christmas!

Our first Christmas with twins

Christmas will be incredibly special for Viki Shaw and partner Daniel Lord as they celebrate it for the first time with their rainbow baby twin girls Summer Violet and Isabella Rose.

5 Fun Christmas Activities

Looking for some fun Christmas themed activities? You've come to the right place! Here's some ideas of fun Christmas activities and ways that you can support Twins Trust at the same time.

Your perfect Christmas playlist for all the family

Whether you’re putting up your Christmas tree, wrapping presents or sitting around the dinner table with the family, we have the perfect Christmas playlist for you.

Decorating the Christmas tree as a parent

Decorating the Christmas tree as a parent of twins, triplets or more is a little different. Your little darlings come home with some wonderful creations, don’t they?

4 Christmas Recipes to make with your twins, triplets or more

If you're looking for some Christmas munchies you can make with the kids over the holidays, look no further. We've got easy recipes you can try together...

Elf on the shelf ideas for busy parents of twins, triplets or more

We have a very organised twin mummy in the office prepped and ready to go with elf on the shelf ideas to last the month – there’s even a spreadsheet!

10 Christmas shopping struggles all parents can relate to

It’s the time of year so many parents dread – present buying. We're all in this together so here’s 10 Christmas shopping struggles all parents can relate to…

7 Life lessons we learned from our twins, triplets or more

Children eh? We try to teach them to be polite and eat their vegetables, but in the end it is them that end up teaching us. Here's some wise teachings of toddlers...

8 Reasons ALL parents are exhausted

Go to bed…tired! Wake up…tired! It all seems part of being a parent of multiples. Here’s 8 reasons why you might be waking up more tired than when your head first hit the pillow.

Why being a grandparent to twins or more is so special

So you are a grandparent of twins, triplets or more. We think you are awesome, here’s why we think being a grandparent to twins, triplets or more is so special...

10 questions all parent of twins, triplets or more are asked

Twins, triplets or more can attract a lot of attention. Here are questions all parents are asked, and a couple of suggestions of how you can answer...

Life with twins, as sung by Craig David

Another half term successfully completed with your twins, triplets or more. Here’s 7 days of half term as a parent – Sing along with us to the tune of 7 days by Craig David…

24 Cute Halloween Costumes for the Kids

These un-boo-lievable costume ideas will hopefully give you a fright AND some ideas for both boys and ghouls. Good luck haunting down the perfect costume!

8 ways to keep your twins, triplets or more amused in half term

One hour into half term and you’ve already heard the dreaded “I’m bored”. We’re here to rescue you with some simple ideas to keep your twins or more amused.

Research Answers "Together or Apart at School?" Question

A researcher has been looking into the “together or apart at school” question, investigating the impact it has on twins, triplets or more. Read more...