30th November 2019

Children eh? We try to teach them to be polite and eat their vegetables, but in the end, it is them that end up teaching us.

Who realised they knew all the words to every single Disney song when their twins and triplets came along? Who believed they knew the optimum number of sweets to eat before bedtime (before our little ones taught us it is WAY more than we ever thought possible?) And yes, all that sugar will keep them up past 10pm. And who thought 4 o’clock was just an afternoon time before their little ones arrived?   

They have taught us so much in such a short space of time, we thought we’d share some wise teachings of toddlers…..

If you don’t ask (repeatedly) you’ll never get it.

Walking down the toy or chocolate aisle in the supermarket is the worst. You think you’ve only popped in for eggs and perhaps something for dinner, when suddenly your basket or trolley is filled with five packets of fun-size sweeties.
Wise children know that when an opportunity presents itself, grasp it with both tiny hands. Threats of a tantrum in the supermarket? No thank you. Just put whatever it is in the shopping trolley and don’t tell anyone.   

Always tell the truth.

“Mummy, why does your hair look so scary today?” Wow, thanks for that!
It’s actually an endearing quality that they don’t have an off switch when it comes to the truth. And actually, maybe the world would be a better place if we were all a bit more honest?

Now, where are my straighteners?

Hard work reaps rewards.

Have your twins or triplets ever used each other as building blocks to reach the cookies on the table? Their ingenious teamwork never fails to amaze us. 
But seriously, kids are clever. They learn to crawl, walk and talk in such a short space of time. They work very hard at growing and developing. It really is a miracle of life.

Colours are important.

Ever tried giving the orange cup to the wrong child? “No that’s hers, I want red”. The funny thing is, just as you begin to master who wants what, they suddenly all change their minds. If you find yourself using these words: “But you liked green YESTERDAY”, you have truly joined the parenting club.   

Life is cruel, but it’s still pretty good.

We’re such evil parents when we turn off the television, or announce that’s its bedtime. There will be tears, there will be tantrums, there will be red hot faces screwed up in frustration…..and that’s just us parents! 
But the cries and screams and shouts can all be soothed with their favourite song, a funny joke or a cuddle and all is forgiven once more. The anger melts away and we learn that if it won’t matter next week, it shouldn’t matter now. We learn to not sweat the small stuff, because actually life is pretty good.

What others think is NOT important.

When we were little we’d happily run around with our pants on our head and not care who was watching. In fact, if someone WAS watching, it was hilarious. Where did that carefree attitude go?
Our multiples teach us that life is much more fun when you stop caring about the opinions of others. Yes, mummy does look silly wearing daddy’s socks on her ears and pretending to be a bunny, but hearing their joyful giggles is the ultimate pay off.

Love. And do it unconditionally.

Yes, they may get into awful fights at times, but that love is still there. And in turn, we never knew selfless, unconditional love until we became parents.