Spending time online has become a huge part of our childrens' lives; now more than ever. We have tips to keep your twins, triplets or more safe online.

  1. Discuss internet safety as soon as your children start to use any internet connected device.  This can include smart phones, tablets, PCs, laptops and any online gaming console.  Explain that the concept of ‘stranger danger’ applies to the online world as well as every day life.
  2. Chat to them about what they like to do online and how it makes them feel.  Visit www.childnet.com/parents-and-carers/have-a-conversation  for easy conversation starters.
  3. Establish routines for the whole family.  This can include where devices are kept, when they can be used and how long they can be used for. For example, no phones in the bedroom, no screen time after 7pm etc..
  4. Get to know the safety features on your devices.  These are flexible and can be tweaked depending on the age of your child.  You can find further information at www.safeinternet.org
  5. Be curious, not furious.  If your child sees something inappropriate online remain calm and carefully answer any questions they might have. If you remain calm they will come to you again if they are concerned about something they see online.
  6. Keep the conversation going.  It’s important to keep talking about online safety.  Find quiet moments together or use news stories as a way to start a conversation.
  7. The whiteboard analogy. With the ability to send photos and texts to one friend or a whole class in a chat group, ask your children to stop and check that they would be happy to write that message on a whiteboard at school for the whole school to see…. forever.  This is a good ‘stop and check’ for them.