Weaning is the chance for your twins, triplets or more to take ‘making a mess’ to a whole new level! Just think though, once they can feed themselves you might get the chance to sit down for five minutes. Weaning is an exciting (and messy!) milestone in your babies’ development.

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You won’t see your carpet for a while

You might want to show off your new carpet but a big plastic mat is about to be constantly covering it. Think of it as a temporary new house accessory. The latest interior fashion.

Plastic bibs are your friend

They catch the worst of the little spills and they’re much easier to clean.

This isn’t a five-star establishment

It’s going to get messy at times. Taking off their outer clothes while they eat will reduce your washing load.

They may not like that tomorrow

They loved it once but don’t be fooled into stocking up on that flavour. Similarly, don’t throw a food out because they didn’t like it the first time. Children may need to try a flavour 15 times before they can really decide if they like it or not. See our weaning factsheet for more.

It won’t always go right

The chance of them only eating one spoonful at first? High. The chance of the rest of it ending up over them, or even you? Almost guaranteed!

Your babies are different

In the same way you may not like a food that your friend can’t get enough of, your multiples may not always enjoy the same foods. Treat each child as an individual when trying different tastes and textures.

You'll look back and laugh

That moment when a fistful of food got sent flying across the room may have made you want to give up and have a little cry. But one day the thought of food heading straight towards the dog (seemingly in slow motion) will bring a smile to your face.

One method does not fit all

Always remember to do what is right for you and your family, whether that be purée, jars, pouches, baby-led or spoon-fed.

Prepare yourself for weaning time with these great pieces of advice:

“Try to get the babies to sit at the family table from an early age. That way they see you all eating an try to copy”

“Be prepared for them to be more interested in each other’s food, even though theirs is identical”

“Bear in mind that all babies are different. Treat each child as an individual when trying different tastes, textures etc”

Top tips for dealing with the mess:

“Take clothes off for meal times and much as possible, the mess looks worse but is far more manageable. Most of all have fun and don’t stress!!!”

“We used a face cloth when we were at home and then would just throw it in the wash with the bibs etc. This saved money on buying lots of wipes”

“A shower curtain under the high chairs! It’s easy to shake out and wipe down after”

... And last but not least: try to make it as easy as possible for yourself

“I didn’t cook separate meals, they just got bits of what we were eating.”

“My advice would be just try to relax about it, they’ll do it in their own time and do whatever works for you”

“Try not to engage in battles and trust they’ll eat if they’re hungry”

Find out more about weaning methods in our factsheet.

For more support with weaning twins, triplets or more we have an online course designed specifically for multiples. Sign up or find out more here:

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