Life is busy. Trying to fit in those daily tasks can be tricky especially when your twins, triplets or more aren’t willing to do the task…

Here’s some top tips for parents of multiples to try and avoid those bathroom brushing battles:

  • In the same way getting dressed is part of your child’s daily routine, brushing their teeth should be too. Try and ensure that teeth brushing happens at the same time every day.
  • Encourage each child to brush their teeth on their own. Having both of the children in the bathroom at the same time could be a recipe for a messy bathroom. It also gives the child the opportunity to focus on the task at hand!
  • In addition, when there is only one child in the bathroom, it’s easier to chat with your child about how to brush their teeth and why it’s so important.
  • Dig out those sand timers or other timer to ensure that children brush for the recommended amount of time. Why not make teeth brushing tuneful? There are apps that you can get on your phone to that play songs while they brush.
  • Let them choose their toothbrush – it all helps to make teeth brushing a bit more fun!
  • If your children are under 7, an adult should also brush their teeth. How about having two toothbrushes? One where they can have a go at brushing and one for you to make sure they are getting to all those hard to reach places!

Happy brushing!