2nd December

It’s the time of year so many parents dread – present buying. Your Christmas list seems to get longer every year and you still haven’t found anyone naughty enough to be crossed off… although the kids certainly came close!

Here’s 10 Christmas shopping struggles all parents of twins, triplets or more can relate to…

Just the very thought of pushing through crowds of Christmas shoppers with the kids fills you with dread,

So when the kids are complaining they’re bored before you’ve even got to the first shop you’re not sure you’ll all survive the day.

When you find the perfect Christmas pressie…. And then see how much it costs.

You know exactly what you want to buy for someone but can’t find it anywhere and you’re sure you’ve now been to EVERY shop

Bumping into a friend who proudly announces they just got their last present sorted…

Meanwhile, you’ve spent the whole day shopping and your list still seems endless!

Spotting a great gift for your bestie and then deciding you want it for yourself. It’s been a long day after all!

You’re all for rocking out to some Christmas tunes but why must every shop play ‘I wish it could be Christmas every day’ on repeat?!

You’re so over it and decide to give up at the shops and grab your laptop for some online shopping… 3 hours later you’re still no further through the list.

It’s Christmas eve and you allow yourself to think you’ve made it through another year, only to realise you forgot someone and you now need to go and panic buy

You're finally finished. It's Christmaaaaaaas!


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