As parents of identical twins or triplets we often pick up on their differences a lot more than others. We asked parents how they helped friends, family members and carers tell them apart.

A popular one with parents of identical twins and triplets is colours…
  • Our twins names begin with R and G so R had red hair bobbles and G had green hair bobbles
  • We assigned colours to each twin. One pink. One white. (Dummies ,Socks, Bottles etc)
When it comes to school it can be more difficult as there is often a uniform…
  • I taught identical twins in Year 1. One wore a yellow shirt and the other white.
  • We had different hairstyles for our twins for a few months and I wrote a letter to the new teacher to let her know their differences in character and hairstyles so that she has an easier time until she knows who is who.
  • My twins are now in Year 3 and every teacher liked how I helped them to not mix them up. One preferred the school hoody and one preferred the normal jumper so that helped!
These identical twins can be told apart by certain features (that can help some people)…
  • One of mine has a scar on his head from cutting it open last year. Although my dad still has no idea which twin did that and still can’t tell them apart.
  • One is slightly bigger than the other. BUT that only helps when they are standing next to each other!
This one made us chuckle from a parent of twins who likes to have a bit of a joke who simply said….
  • It’s more fun when you don’t!

The first step to being able to treat the babies as individuals is to be able to tell them apart. In the beginning it can be a little harder to tell them apart. We have more information to help parents and tips for supporting individuality.

Individuality Factsheet