Are your little ones taking the giant leap into school next September? 

If you’re wondering what you can do to get your twins, triplets or more ready for school, look no further, we have tips to get them ready and hopefully excited for their first day.

  • Encourage children to co-operate with the family rules and to tidy up – not only will you have a tidy house, the teacher will love you for it too!
  • Bedtime routine is important when your multiples start school. A good night’s sleep means they’ll be as bright as a button for learning at school.
  • We all know how important lunch is…spend some time with them helping them to use a knife and fork. If they’re using a lunchbox make sure you practise opening it too!
  • Have a go at counting to 10. There are many fun ways to do this – counting toes at bath time, counting toy cars or counting footsteps.
  • Chat with their Nan, Aunt, Grandad or family friend. Encouraging them to have a chat with a familiar adult will hopefully help them to be more confident when talking to different teachers at school.
  • Role-playing is fun and also can really help with school preparation too.
  • Try out the walk or drive to school. The journey will feel more familiar to them when it comes to the big day.
  • If you’re school has sent resources it can help to talk them through it. Even more than ever this year, where things may not be ‘normal’.
  • Try to make connections with other parents who might be starting at the same time.
  • Order their uniform in good time so that the children can get excited and show relatives etc. If you are positive about it then the children will pick up on this.
  • You may need to book an appointment to buy school shoes, again plan ahead and book in a date so this can be another positive experience and not a stressful one.
  • Books about starting school might be helpful to open discussion about what is going to happen and allows children to open up about how they are feeling without being asked directly.

We’re here to support you with this important milestone for your twins, triplets or more. Check out our useful links section for more information about together or apart and more tips to get them ready for school.