11th January

twin babies on a playmat

1. Are they twins/triplets?

It’s tempting to answer “no, I stole one”, but you probably don’t want wasting police time on your record. Safer to nod, smile and say “yes” for the third time today.

2. Are they identical?

We particularly love this one if they’re different sexes. “Erm…no. But even if they are identical, I’d love it if you referred to them as two individuals please.” 

3. Do twins/triplets/quads run in your family?

If you’d like to give them the sciencey answer, save this one for future….Identical twins don’t run in families but fraternal (non-identical twins) can. Identicals are created when an egg is fertilised and splits in the womb and this can happen completely at random. But women can have a genetic tendency to produce more than one egg per cycle – and this is how fraternal twins are made. This can “run in the family”, but obviously only in the women! Any twins on dad’s side or down the male blood-line is just a happy coincidence.

4. Are they IVF?

Quite a personal question and not everyone is comfortable answering this one, especially when it’s a complete stranger asking. It seems most parents go for the polite smile and move on.  

5. Oooh double trouble!

Not technically a question, but still something twin parents often tells us they hear. Yes, sometimes they do play up, as most children will at some point, but we also get to enjoy double the love as well. If you are struggling with behaviour, try our Parenting and Behaviour Webinar.

6. How do you tell them apart?

Another one that makes us chuckle! “Because I’m their mum/dad/grandparent” perhaps? 

7. Are they close?

Well, we won’t complain too much at this one. We love when our multiples share a special bond. But occasionally they will argue as well, they’re siblings, it’s normal.

8. Did you know you were having twins/triplets?

Thankfully, we live in an age where pregnancy scans exist. Hurrah! They might have been missed or hiding behind each other in the beginning, but trust us, we knew at some point. Found out you’re expecting multiples? Click here.

9. Are you sure they’re twins/triplets/quads? One is bigger than the other.

Yes, thankfully, they’re growing children, so that’ll happen. If you’d like to read more about development click here. 

10. How do you cope?

We’re a bit biased, but perhaps with this one you can smugly smile and mention all the lovely supportive friends you’ve met through your Multiples Clubs and our Community Forum.