Thinking about going on holiday? Maybe it will be the first time you've travelled on a plane with your multiples? Wondering what you need to take with you?

We have some top tips for you, all shared by parents of twins, triplets or more.

  • Get on the plane at the last minute so that you are on for as little time as possible
  • If they’re old enough, take lollipops for take-off and landing – it can help alleviate pressure in the ears
  • Don’t worry about your children spending too much time on gadgets – this is the perfect time for them. Pack that Ipad, phone, kindle or hand-held electronic games
  • Add time to your journey, arrive at the airport early and feel relaxed
  • Buy cheap toys from a pound shop, every time they get bored offer them something new, or a sticker book can keep some kids occupied for hours
  • Choose a night flight so they will sleep….or choose a day flight to they will sleep at night! (Maybe do what’s best for your family)
  • Take spare clothes for everyone – adults included!
  • Pre-order milk from Superdrug or Boots in the departure lounge so you don’t have to carry it through
  • Check the airport’s buggy policy – make sure you can go to the gate with it then it will be put into the hold
  • If possible, take grandparents, aunties, uncles, friends – help spread the childcare load!
  • Try to sit near the toilet – lots of young ones seem to need to go a lot!
  • Remember, most people on the plane will be sympathetic to a crying baby and will probably have flown before with children – try not to get stressed