7th March

We asked our lovely Facebook followers what advice they’d give to themselves if they could rewind to when they were expecting twins, triplets or more.

It was obviously a popular question as we had so many insightful comments.

While some of the mums with older multiples offered their tips and advice, expectant mums told us how helpful it was to scroll through all the messages.

So whether this is a chance to reminisce about your own pregnancy, or pick up some top tips while you or your partner is expecting, we’ve gathered together some of our favourites for you…..

  1. “Read any info/books on feeding and sleep patterns and routines before they’re born,” – Niki.  
  2. “Keep active – it’ll help you recover faster and also get you used to the feeling of constantly rushing round, which is basically going to be your whole life from now on,” – Sarah.
  3. “Take things a day at a time as things can change daily. Most ‘plans’ go out the window,” – Laura.
  4. “You won’t feel like doing anything from about 30 weeks so do everything you need to before then,” – Maria.
  5. “It’s okay if the only thing you achieve in a day is a shower….you are growing two or more humans. All the pelvic discomfort, sleepless nights and waddling is so so worth it,” – Ellie.
  6. “Be prepared as you never know when things will not quite go to plan,” – Jo.
  7. “Listen to your body and go with your instinct,” – Annmarie. (You can download our Healthy Multiple Pregnancy Guide here.) 
  8. “Make a laminated sign for your front door which says ‘Mummy and babies resting…please do not disturb’,” – Tracy.
  9. “Fill your freezer with meals and get two thermos cups with lids so your coffee stays warm,” – Sarah.
  10. “Big tasks to get done around the house? Get on with them before the babies arrive. There is precious little time afterwards,” – Nigel.
  11.  “Don’t buy anything and everything you’ve heard of….buy it when you need it,” – Ayyas. (Want to save money on baby products? Become a member and enjoy discounts at JoJo Maman Bébé and many more.) 
  12. “Accept more of the help I was offered. Relax more and enjoy precious moments that pass so quickly,” – Ona.