23rd April

Being told it was more than one…

Some parents have a sneaky suspicion that they’re expecting more than one but for many, it can come as a total shock! So how were you told? Here are some of our favourite responses from our families…

  • ‘Twins’ .. ‘wait, there’s more...’
  • Sonographer “can you see what I can see”. My husband “there’s two!”
  • I asked if there was just one? He then moved the camera and said ‘Nope! There’s the other’ 
  • "well everything's okay and I've got a surprise for you........there's two!!!"
  • “Well I was looking for a healthy baby with a healthy heartbeat but I’ve found two healthy babies with two healthy heartbeats!”
  • The good news is... you’re still pregnant. The other news is that there’s more than 1!
  • "Everything is fine with both babies!"
  • “There you go, a healthy, happy baby.  Would you like to see the other one?” 
  • Do you see what I see? Yes, two heartbeats. No, look again, there are three heartbeats
  • One word got me going. “AND” said the sonographer, and she tilted the wand a little to the side. I laughed and told my partner “I told you so!”. He looked gobsmacked.
  • "I'm counting 3. Checking for a 4th"
  • Went into the scan terrified they were going to say I wasn't pregnant! 'Oh, you're definitely pregnant!' Was the reply..... 3 little beans, 
  • My husband said if it was twins he was divorcing me. The nurse then said "you better sign those divorce papers then"