12th June 2021

For many it’s a huge surprise at their scan when they’re told they are pregnant with twins, triplets or more but for some they have a little inkling that there would be more than one.

Parents of multiples shared what signs they had that made them think “I’m pregnant with twins, triplets or more”…

twin babies
Some women said they knew they were pregnant with twins or more because of these early signs:
  • “I couldn’t fasten my work trousers at 8 weeks!”
  • “I had a noticeable bump very early on”
  • “I was ransacking the cupboards in the early hours of most nights!”
  • “My first tell-tale sign was the heartburn”
  • “I felt a double ovulation (I didn’t know I would get pregnant though) and then constantly felt two aches.”
  • “When I took my pregnancy test, it came out a strong positive almost as soon as my pee made contact!”
There were also many women explained that they knew they were having twins or multiples because their usual pregnancy symptoms were more intense:
  • “I felt much worse than I did with my 2 singleton pregnancies. The tiredness was unreal”
  • “The double yolker the morning just before my scan was a bit of a clue.”
  • “My cups of tea started tasting like dishwater at 3.5 weeks. This had happened with my first pregnancy but not until much later”.
Other women said they just knew that they were pregnant with more than one:
  • "I had a dream”
  • “We were sat opposite the “Twins Trust” board in our antenatal clinic waiting for our first scan and we both laughed and said “Could you imagine?” …we cried laughing at the board when we left after finding out”
  • “I made jokes about the fact I was having twins and my sister had predicted twin boys for years. She was right!”
  • “I knew it, I just knew it!”
And some women who ‘knew’ they were having twins were in for an even bigger surprise:
  • “Constantly sick and couldn’t fit in any clothes! We thought twins, but it was natural triplets”
  • “Vomit. Lots and lots of Vomit. And 'kicks' from around 8 weeks. But I thought it would be two, not three!”

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