9th February 2021

Finding out you’re going to be a parent is a memory you never forget. But what about that niggling feeling that there might be more than one?

We asked our Facebook followers whether they suspected they’d be joining the multiples’ club and these were some of the signs they had…

A woman pregnant with twins, triplets or more
  • Very strong results on the pregnancy test
  • I jokingly asked the sonographer if she was sure there wasn’t another baby in there and after a bit of looking she found twin 2!
  • Big fat tummy!
  • I dreamt of being given two necklaces, then going past two ponds with flowers growing around them
  • Felt soooo much more tired than in previous pregnancies. At about 5 weeks, texted my mum to say I reckoned it was twins
  • Just a feeling very early on, a sixth sense maybe
  • Just felt like I had a team with me
  • After a few miscarriages, I had a tarot reading done. It said if I wasn’t already, I would be pregnant very soon with twins
  • Being told by a medium that I’d have twins about 18 years ago. Always joked about it coming true but as I got older I didn’t think it would happen….
  • Looking back now and having since being pregnant with a single baby there’s nothing to compare with the tiredness that you experience in those early days!
  • My clothes being too tight at 6 weeks pregnant and being very out of breath at the gym doing my normal workout
  • Not being able to walk to the bathroom and back to my be without needing to sleep to get over the journey

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