21st October 2021

We asked parents how they shared their big news with friends and family...

  • I bought a video camera. Invited my friends round and said I was testing the camera out, then I told them I was having twins....
  • Face to face, we handed out jelly babies and insisted everyone had two. Great to see their face when the penny dropped! 
  • I had a custom made Lego set done  


  • We visited almost every family member individually and showed them the 12 week scan photo so they could figure it out themselves, lots of screaming and swearing occurred when they finally twigged what they were looking at was 2 babies 

  • When people said congratulations... we said ‘ you have to say it twice’.... their faces when they realised

  • I just said there were two heartbeats (it was very early)... realised weeks later that my brother thought I meant mine and the baby’s!

  • When friends asked 'do you know what are you having?' (implying a girl or boy) I would answer "yes, TWINS!"

  • I wrote a cute little poem and put a pic of the sonogram on fb. “Six Months ago we said I do. Now we’re expecting – not one but two” .

  • After our scan we gave each set of parents a photo frame with ‘only best parents are prompted to grandparents’. I gave my parents the frame without pictures then produced a picture saying and here’s ‘Smudge’ then produced another picture saying ‘or you can choose Smidge’ took a minute for the penny to drop, think they were overwhelmed at the pregnant bit never mind twins!!! (I then gave a picture with both scan pics so could put both babies in the frame)

  •  We told people that we were having a 4 feet family extension

  • We gave my parents a scan photo each and told them to compare the two and spot the difference 😂


How did you tell friends and family you were pregnant with more than one?