9th May

You've read the books, prepared the house and started to get excited about your new arrivals... but there's some other things you should know!

Other parents of multiples will become your lifeline.

Your friends with singletons will always be there for you but no one gets the day-to-day challenges more than another twin or triplet parent from your local club. They always help you realise it’s not just you so it's worth looking for one in your area once they are able to open again.

You’ll become a Tetris pro.

Pre-twins you’d struggle to squeeze your possessions into a massive handbag but now you can strategically pack everything you need from nappies to bottles to outfit changes into a changing bag…and know exactly where in the bag it is.

It’s not necessary to sleep for 9 hours a night.

Ok, in an ideal world we still would get this but having twins or more will prove to you that you can survive on less. It does get easier though. Our sleep webinar can help with getting your little ones to settle so you can get some much-needed rest

You’ll be asked some pretty intrusive questions.

You never thought a stranger at the supermarket would be asking about how you gave birth. Don’t worry, we have answers to some of the common questions parents of twins or more are asked here.

Getting a good photo is difficult.

Unless you’re a Photoshop pro, you may have to accept the fact that not all of you will be smiling at the camera in your family shots.

There’s lots of ‘experts’.

Suddenly, everyone knows a twin or has a twin or just thinks they know what it’s like to have twins. Try to trust your instincts. Mum or Dad normally knows best after all.

And last, but definitely not least…

It will be the best thing that happens to you.

Through every sleepless night, when it seems like they’ve been crying for days rather than minutes, and even after explaining for the 23rd time today that you don’t hit/grab/shout, you wouldn’t change a thing. They’re perfect and they’re yours and you love them to bits.