Keziah shares her story for International TAPS Day

Life could have been very different for Keziah and husband Jordan, following an eventful pregnancy when the twins were diagnosed with both TTTS (Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome) and TAPS (Twin Anaemia-Polycythaemia Sequence).

Twin mum’s Christmas miracle comes true after IVF dream

It was Christmas Eve 2020 and Catriona Ross had just unwrapped her very own Christmas miracle, a positive pregnancy test following IVF treatment.

Abbie's experience of TTTS

First time mum Abbie was stunned when at 17 weeks into her twin pregnancy she was told her girls faced an uncertain future because of TTTS

Kloe's experience of TTTS

A mum who discovered she was pregnant on her 30th birthday later found out the twins she was carrying had Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome (TTTS).

Harriet's TTTS Story

Harriet thought she had passed the point of having TTTS with her twins after reaching almost 25 weeks; but in a rapid turn of events, the condition was picked up and she had emergency laser surgery. Read Harriet's story...

Abigail's miracle birth story

“In September 2020, at my 12-week scan, I found out we were expecting twins. We were over the moon; it was a complete shock but such exciting news." Read Abigail's TTTS story...

A family's fight against TTTS and TAPS

"After everything we went through it was amazing to have these two wonderful girls born healthy and at good weights.". Hanna shares their fight against TTTS and TAPS to raise awareness...

Roxy and Chris share their TTTS experience

The odds were stacked against twins, Harry and Oliver. Their scans were running smoothly, until 16-weeks when the couple were told there was quite a difference in size between the twins.

Sharon's TTTS Story

Teenage twins Hope and Esme from East Sussex survived life-saving surgery for TTTS 17 years ago. “We have two beautiful, kind, clever, funny, talented and inquisitive young women in our lives, because of three things...

Photos taken inside the womb show twins in detail

These incredible pictures show identical twin boys inside the womb at just 22 weeks old. The family share their photos and TTTS story here...

Katie and Olly's TTTS Experience

Thrilled to be pregnant with identical twins, Katie Monk was enjoying her pregnancy, especially after suffering an early miscarriage the year before. *This story contains a bereavement*

Twin mum shares her story for TTTS Awareness Day

Twin mum Katie is looking forward to Christmas with her girls Maisie and Mia following a traumatic year where they survived life-saving laser surgery for TTTS

Duncan and Angelina's Story

A Surrey couple has warned parents of identical twins not to be afraid to challenge the care being given if they suspect the life-threatening condition TTTS (Twin-to-Twin Transfusion Syndrome). Read their story...

Where there's a heartbeat, there's hope

On World TTTS Awareness Day (Friday, December 7th) we share the story of Bryony and Tom's identical twins who survived against the odds. Read about their fight.

Our Experience of TTTS

Adorable baby twins Poppy and Jessica are looking forward to their first visit from Santa. The girls arrived home after spending seven weeks in hospital after fighting Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome and being born prematurely.