Webinars are just £15 

Twins Trust’s weaning webinar aims to answer the questions that many parents of multiples have in respect of weaning.

This webinar is designed for parents who have twins, triplets or more aged from 3-6 months who will be thinking of weaning in the next few months, or who have recently made a start.

Topics covered include:

  • Why do we wean?
  • When to start weaning
  • Baby-led vs purees
  • Weaning steps
  • What if my babies were premature?
  • Signs of hunger & fullness
  • How much food is enough?
  • Multiple specific challenges
  • Milk feeds & weaning

Our presenter is Frances Healer RD. Frances is a qualified dietitian and a parent of multiples.

The cost is £15.

If you have any problems booking, or would rather book over the phone, please e-mail or call the Twins Trust office on 01252 332344.

If you would like a recording of a previous session please e-mail us.

You can access the webinar by using your computer and speakers (you do not need a webcam) or by telephone. You can also other devices such as ipads/iphones if you download the relevant app. Questions can be asked during the webinar via your keyboard. The session is recorded and a link to listen back will be sent out after the webinar.