This is a free webinar recording and will be available to view as soon as you complete your booking. The dates shown on this page are only to indicate when this webinar is available to book.

We have created this webinar to support you and your family though this uncertain time. This has come from a global emergency and for the first time ever, every family in our country is experiencing the same situation of being in isolation with our children.

In this webinar, we will offer some ideas to help you to try to maintain a positive household. We know there will be tensions at home during this time but we aim to show you how they can be managed.

It is important to remember that we will get through this time, but we have to accept for the time being that this is our new normal. Also remembering that this won't be the norm forever.

Louise our Senior Family Support Coordinator and Gemma our Family Support Practitioner will offer you some hints and tips that could help prevent challenging behaviour from our children and also share with you some strategies you can use when we see challenging behaviour.

Aims of the webinar:

  • Ideas to help maintain a positive household during Isolation
  • Accept our new norm (for now not forever)
  • Hints and tips to try and stay in control
  • Strategies to use when behaviour becomes challenging