This highly popular course is specifically designed for parents expecting twins, triplets or more, and interested grandparents or carers. It is suitable for first time parents and parents who have already had children. It is an excellent opportunity to meet other parents expecting twins triplets or more.  The cost is £10 per person.

The course is delivered by a team of facilitators, who are all parents of twins or triplets.

You can attend at any point in your pregnancy and as our most popular course we urge you to book now to avoid disappointment.

What does the course cover?

  • What makes multiple birth pregnancies different
  • Equipment
  • Tips on organising support
  • Time in hospital
  • Tips on sleep in the early days and how to sleep your babies in the same cot.
  • Neonatal care – multiple birth babies are more likely to be born early
  • Top tips to help with changing, bathing, routines, crying, older children, getting out and about and much more
  • What feeding options are available and how to go about it (breast, bottle and mixed)

Please note that this course does not cover the birth and is not facilitated by a health professional - if you are interested in learning about the birth, our Antenatal course or Antenatal Online Course may be of interest to you.

We cannot accommodate children at our seminars.

Please e-mail or call the Twins Trust office on 01252 332344 if you have problems booking online or would rather book over the phone.

At the seminar attendees will receive a pack of Twins Trust booklets and factsheets including our Preparing for Parenthood Booklet.

Don't just take our word for it, here's some feedback from people who have attended.

"It was great to hear first hand from someone who has multiples and to meet others in the same situation"

"As a first time Dad, all the information was useful"

"I really enjoyed the seminar and I now feel less panicked about becoming a parent of twins"

"It was very useful as a grandparent to hear how I can support my son and daughter-in-law"

"I found the content really useful and the facilitator was lovely. It was also useful meeting another multiple's been invaluable having the support of other multiple parents."