Early Pregnancy Workshop

This course is aimed at pregnant women and their partners before 20 weeks. Get your questions answered in a friendly, non-judgmental environment.

Antenatal Online Course

Twins Trust is the leading UK provider of specialist multiple birth specific antenatal courses. We've adapted our antenatal course into a 3-part webinar so we can still support you.

Scotland Antenatal Online Course

Online antenatal courses specifically designed for expectant parents of twins, triplets or more living in Scotland.

Practical Preparing for Parenthood Webinar

This webinar is specifically designed for parents expecting twins, triplets or more and is an excellent alternative if you cannot get to a course in person.

Breastfeeding Webinar

A webinar delivered by an NCT Breastfeeding Counselor or an NCT Breastfeeding Peer Supporter who are also mothers of multiples.