It is important to remember that twins, triplets and more are individual people. Lots of behaviour issues can come from them wanting to find their own identity and not always wanting to be labelled as the ‘twins’ or the ‘triplets’.

By spending one to one time with each of your children you can promote individuality and increase your individual bonding. One to one time could be a five minute story or a cuddle using both knees rather than having to share the knees with their siblings.

If you have an older or younger sibling don’t feel you always have to take the singleton alone and the twins together, if you have a partner or help at home  take your singleton and one twin to the supermarket for example and next time the other twin on their own

Society automatically labels twins, triplets and more ‘he looks like the cheeky one’ or ‘she is the loud one then’. It is so important not to label your multiples as they may live up to these labels

If you want to learn more please sign up to our Parenting and Behaviour webinar. It is aimed at parents of multiples between the age of 1-8  and looks at common behavioural problems and ways you can handle them. For details and dates please visit the Courses page.