Your toddlers are emerging into a different stage of play. As their physical movements increase they want to explore. The world is such an amazing place for this age group and they are learning new skills through their experiences and play. You will also notice their language developing and play is a great way to enhance this as well as all other areas of their development.

As they move into the preschool years their imagination is developing rapidly and they want to start playing as a group. There are many different types of play that you will see your children engaging in. Twins Trust have produced a booklet to help you explore these types of play also with tips on how to move into these stages safely whilst still having lots of fun with each of your children. There are also accompanying videos to show you some activities in practice. It is important to note that all children are different and you must choose activities that are appropriate to your individual children’s stage.

Play 12-18 months

Your babies will either be on the move or soon on the move! Our play booklet gives some tips on how to keep your babies safe at this stage as well as sharing lots of different play ideas.

Play 18-24 months

Between 18 and 24 months your babies language will start to be developing. Unleash your creative side by getting involved in some role play activities.

Play 2-3 years

As your children are becoming more independent, and may be spending time at pre-school or nursery, it is important to encourage their individuality.

Play 3+ years

From age 3, you may find that your children want to get involved with the jobs that you do in the house. We have lot of ideas in our play booklet and videos.