Any home with children in it needs to be as safe as possible.  You will quickly see that there are areas of your home which you will look at in an entirely different way now that you have children and you may realise that there are risks or dangers to them.  

Happily, there is plenty you can do to avoid trouble.  Most accidents to under-fives happen at home or in the garden, so you can go a long way towards putting your mind at ease just by making sure that your house is childproofed - a good way to look at home safety is to get down and look from a child’s eye level, what can you see? What might be tempting to your little ones?  For example can you see hanging wires, sharp edges, things to pull themselves up on, furniture to climb etc. If you have stairs, fit a sturdy stairgate at the top and the bottom and make sure you use them. Two or more toddlers on the stairs at the same time is very risky, so be vigilant. Buy safety locks for everything from drawers and windows to electrical equipment – and, if you want to keep the children out of a room, fit a lock to the door, but make sure that the children are not able to reach it! Over-the-door stoppers are very good at preventing doors from closing on little fingers.

It’s hard to keep an eye on two or more children. If you need to leave your children and they are able to move about, you might want to look at having a safe place that you can put them in - this might be a playroom with a stairgate at the door or a playpen. An ominous silence that might serve as a warning signal may be masked by noise from the other child/children.

You can find more information about safety at home on the links below:

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