Starting primary school is a huge milestone in your children’s development and it is important to prepare them as much as possible so that the transition to school goes smoothly.

 To help you prepare, Twins Trust has created the following resources:

  • Factsheet -Top Tips for getting twins, triplets or more ready for school including individuality, play and early learning, social skills, self-care, independence, language, routine and boundaries. 
  • Video clips – listen to former Honorary Consultant for Education Anne Thomas speak about topics such as choosing a primary school, how to apply and whether multiples should be in the same class
  • Honorary Consultants service – Twins Trust has Honorary Consultants for Education and Educational Psychology who may be able to help with starting school at compulsory school age, delaying or deferring school entry, appeals against school places, together or apart, special educational needs and EHCP(Education, Health and Care Plans) 

You may also like to read this Twins Trust report that looks at twins being split across separate schools and the impact of classroom placement decisions on multiple birth children.  It includes data from the Twins Environment Development Study at Kings College. It also looks at families' access to different types of play facilities and delaying starting school.