It may only seem like yesterday since your twins or triplets started school, now they’re making the big move to secondary school. Whatever decisions you made over primary schooling, secondary school is a new situation with a new set of circumstances.

Now that your children are older, it’s important to ask them for their opinion. Encourage them to feel involved in the decision without feeling responsible for it.

The issue of separation becomes more complex at this stage, For example, there may be the option for your children to attend a single sex school – A big consideration when you have boy/girl twins. Some schools may have a selection process in place (the 11+ exams or entrance examinations) one child might pass the test and another fail, highlighting academic differences.

At this stage of your children’s lives they may need some support to become gradually independent from each other, so that by the time they finish their secondary education they will be ready to lead separate lives, while of course maintaining their existing relationship. Twins Trust’s experience shows that for many twins and triplets, the ideal situation would be different tutor groups within the same school, providing them with the opportunity to develop as individuals but still being able to offer each other support. However, when you are viewing secondary schools, it’s worth asking the school about their particular class or form set up to make sure it’ll work for your multiples.