Babies cry for many different reasons. They may be hungry, tired, too hot, too cold, lonely, scared, poorly , in pain or may need their nappy changed. A baby who cries all the time can be hard to cope with – two or more babies are doubly or triply so.

Start by ruling out the obvious causes listed above. If your babies are still upset you can experiment with other ways of comforting them: 

  • It is possible to cuddle two babies at once, although you may need to practice getting them into a comfortable position! Perhaps try carrying one in a sling while cuddling another, or using a bouncy chair and cuddling one baby at a time.
  • Some parents swear by dummies, which can offer instant comfort to an unhappy baby but not all babies will suck a dummy so don’t worry if your babies won’t. 
  • You could try putting on music or a constant noise in the background.  White noise can be very popular and can help to soothe babies. There are many different apps / white noise machines that play white noise, but make sure that it is specifically designed for babies so it is the right noise pitch.

As with any baby who is crying a lot, don’t let yourself get desperate. You can take time out to calm down by putting the babies in their cots or a safe place then leaving the room. Close the door and take a few minutes for you. When you go back to the babies, you will be in a much calmer state to deal with the situation which in turn can also calm the babies.

You could also ask a family member or friend to come over and look after the babies for half an hour so that you can go out. Even if you just walk around the block, the break will refresh you making it easier to cope when you get back.