Our Family Crisis Support service is for families who need short term practical support and are in crisis or severe need. Criteria for this application includes..

  • a parental bereavement or medical condition that requires hospital stays or operations.
  • Twins, triplets or more who have medical conditions and/or may be in hospital/home or split up.
  • Parents who may be suffering from severe post-natal depression or mental heath issues.
  • It’s important to note that our practitioners are not medically trained, we are unable to give any advice on any medical concerns you may have. If you have any medical concerns. Please contact your GP if you have any questions which are non-urgent, for all urgent concerns call 999. Please note FCS offers short term support with multiple-specific challenges and cannot provide regular or long term help.
Please provide us with details of a health professional or support worker who is supporting this application. We cannot continue with the application without a supporting professional.