For some parents bringing up their twins, triplets or more on your own can be a challenge.

We want to say that you are not alone. Twins Trust can help. We have lots of helpful information, a list of frequently asked questions and stories. Download our one parent family factsheet.

You can download the factsheet in three separate sections.

It can also be helpful to speak to other parents with a similar experience who can offer support and suggestions. We have a one-parent closed Facebook group which is moderated by our support team and parents.

Or please contact our support team here at Twins Trust.

Here’s what some people have said about the Facebook group.

“This page is massively helpful and supportive to me, sharing my experience of 5 years as a single parent, and asking others for advice, or just sounding off when it all gets too much! Plus celebrating the good things when they happen too.”

“Being a twin mummy can feel like being in a glass room where others judge, so it's great to have an understanding point view and support from others that get it."

"It feels comforting to be part of a single parent group with children of multiple births."

Do you need a translator?

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