All of our befrienders are parents or grandparents who have experienced the death of their own babies or children that are twins, triplets or more.

"I found talking to someone who really understood such a comfort, especially in those difficult and dark early days."
"My experience was one of the many reasons which ignited my interest in becoming a midwife."
"I want to be able to offer a safe space for them to know they would be understood and supported."
"I wish I had been told about Twins Trust in those early days because I really feel it would have benefited me enormously."
"The Twins Trust community were there for me and gave me lots of support which I want to give back."
"I hope that I can be there for someone, just as others have been there for me."
"I became a befriender so I could give hope to other parents who had lost a twin."
"I have had the honour of helping many people through tough times and I have seen them come out in a much better place."
"Everyone’s experience with multiple loss is different but finding someone with similar experience can really help."