Bereavement Support Service

The Twins Trust Bereavement Support Service exists to support all parents and carers of twins, triplets or more who have died whether it was during or after pregnancy. We are sorry for your loss and hope that by making contact with the Bereavement Support Service you will find some comfort to help you with your grief.


Our befriending service offers peer-to-peer support for those who have experienced a loss. All of our befrienders are parents or grandparents who have experienced the death of their own babies or children that are twins, triplets or more.

Personal Stories

It can sometimes help to read stories from parents who may have experienced a similar situation to your own. Kind parents have shared theirs with us here.

Connect with our group

Join our private and public Facebook group, you can also connect with us on Twitter and Instagram, for more information, peer support and resources to help you and your family.

Bereavement Support Booklet

Written together with bereaved families, our booklet includes support and information on the death of one or more of your twins, triplets or higher order multiples. It also covers subsequent pregnancies and how to remember babies who have died.

Bereavement Resources

You can find details of our Newsletter, Bereavement Support Booklet, Support Factsheets, Health Professional Leaflet, and Certificates of birth, as well as a list of publications and other organisations that may be able to offer you support.


Our quarterly newsletter is sent out to all those who have registered and can also be read online. We hope that you will find some comfort in the newsletters.

Certificates of Birth

We hope that these certificates will provide families with some comfort and a precious keepsake of baby or babies who are sadly no longer here.

Purple Butterfly Cot Card

Many of our bereaved families have used the purple butterfly card in their surviving twin’s or triplet’s incubators or cots and have found it incredibly helpful. Butterflies have now become a special part of their lives.

Remembrance Wall

The remembrance wall is a place for those who have lost one or more of their multiples babies/children to share their memorial.

Support in the early days

If you are still pregnant, coming to us for support at the time of having your twins or triplets, or shortly after the death of your babies, you may find some of this information helpful.

BSG Community Run

7 May 2022
Join our Bereavement Community Run on Saturday 7 May and run to support your Bereavement Support Group!

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