We have an amazing group of about 25 volunteer befrienders at the moment, it’s a really lovely and supportive network to be a part of.

You can become a befriender at Twins Trust if you are a parent or grandparent who has lost one or more babies or children that are twins, triplets or more.

Becoming a Befriender can be really rewarding and feel like a positive step in our journey of grief. We have regular training for all our befrienders and are always on hand for advice. It is something that you can do as much or as little of as you want, depending on how busy you are over time.

Bereavement befriender application form

If you would like to just find out a bit more or ask any questions about becoming a befriender, please contact us.

All our current befrienders have lost a baby or babies during pregnancy on in the first two years of life.

If you have personal experiece of losing one of your twins or multiples in their childhood and would like to become a befriender we would really like to hear from you.

Meet some of our befrienders
"I found talking to someone who really understood such a comfort, especially in those difficult and dark early days."
"My experience was one of the many reasons which ignited my interest in becoming a midwife."
"I am forever grateful for the fantastic service Twins Trust provides to bereaved parents, it was hugely influential in managing my grief."
"I want to be able to offer a safe space for them to know they would be understood and supported."
"I wish I had been told about Twins Trust in those early days because I really feel it would have benefited me enormously."
"Talking really does bring comfort when it’s most needed and can help to bring some light and hope in moving forward, with your babies held tightly in your heart."


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