Bereavement Support Group Community 5K Run

Our Bereavement Community Run took place on Saturday 7 May 2022. We raised more than £6,400, with Gift Aid, which is just amazing and will help so many families who lose a twin, triplet or more.

Senior Bereavement Support Officer, Sharon Darke, shared her thoughts about this special day.

It was such a lovely day, running and remembering our precious babies. Even though we all ran individually, it felt very much like a community event. Our WhatsApp running group, with our team of 26 runners, started pinging early that morning, with Lucy, Nicky and Natalie all out and back before I was even dressed. It was so lovely to receive notifications all day and encourage each other.

As always, my husband Dominic was a great support and came along with his camera to get some action shots. I was super pleased to beat my previous time by around 10 seconds. Charlie and Joshua were spurring me on…

During my run and soon after, I continued to get notifications and messages of support from our WhatsApp group. Afterwards, I caught up all the messages with a coffee in the sunshine at the Park Run café, but not before a few photos with my very special Twins Trust BSG medal.

I am so proud of all of our runners and loved thinking of all of our babies as I ran.

We ran for all of our Twins Trust babies and especially: Eva, Evie, Roman, Isabelle, Harper Twins, Alec, Mattie and Little Twin, Charlie and Pips, Robyn, Madeleine, Brora, Pippa, Charlie, Joshua, Beri, Charlie, Nicolas, Atlas, Azalea, Grace and Yvette.


Why run for the bereavement group?
Special thanks to Lucy, Rebecca, Joe, Rhiannon, Jay, Lauren, Nicky, Hannah, Stephanie, Casey, Sarah, Jenny and Ryan, who told us why taking part was important to them.

If you would like to talk to us about doing your own fundraising, setting off on your very own challenge with your friends, family or colleagues or you are taking part in an event that is local to you, please contact [email protected].