6 February 2023

Twins Trust Bereavement Service launches its new Termination for Medical Reasons booklet today.

The booklet gives answers to the many questions surrounding TFMR and tells families about the support available through the charity’s Bereavement Service. Twins Trust has partnered with Antenatal Results and Choices (ARC) and Dr Surabhi Nanda, Consultant in Maternal Fetal Medicine, to produce this booklet.

Sharon Darke, Senior Bereavement Support Officer at Twins Trust, said: “After supporting many families who have had a TFMR for one or more of their babies, we realised there was a lack of twin and triplet specific support in this area. This booklet gives families the information they need at this difficult time.”

Becca and George Pericleous had to make the heartbreaking decision to terminate their twin pregnancy due to medical reasons.

The couple faced the tragic news that their twins had skeletal dysplasia at their 16-week scan. Doctors advised that the babies might die before birth or wouldn’t survive long after they were born.

Becca has shared their story as part of the launch.

After Becca’s termination, she found a wealth of support at Twins Trust and people who understood what she had gone through.