22 September 2022

Twins Trust has created a partnership with Loss Books, a publisher which produces books about the loss of a loved one or loved ones. Books can be personalised with their names or one can purchase a general, non-personalised title. Twins Trust members and supporters receive special discounts on the books.

The partnership will focus on the award-winning twin and multiple-loss book range written by author, Kate Polley. Kate reached out to Twins Trust after losing one of her identical twin boys in 2010. Struggling to find resources to support twin-loss families, she came across Twins Trust’s (then Tamba) bereavement page on Facebook. The charity provided her with much-needed support. After she wrote her first book, she shared it on Twins Trust’s Facebook page. Enormous interest in the book led to the growth of a general and personalised range of memory books that now includes a variety of the loss of one of a twin titles and various multiple loss titles.

Twins Trust will receive a £1 donation when you order any of the 12 general titles from our dedicated page and £1 per personalised book when using the discount code TT10 at checkout. (This code cannot be used on any of the general book titles).

There’s also a £1 discount code for you on this page to use on any of the personalised book ranges, which includes a variety of twin, triplet, and multiple-loss memory book titles.

Loss Books also offer a range of Christmas-time book titles to remember your special lost much-loved twin or twins at that time of year. Remember to add the coupon code TT10 at checkout so you can receive a £1 discount and £1 also goes to Twins Trust to help with our work.