May 27 2022

The interim report from the Independent Thematic Review of Maternity Services at Nottingham University Hospitals has been published. A new review team will be led by chair Donna Ockenden, who recently was in charge of an inquiry into maternity failings in Shropshire.

Shauna Leven, Chief Executive Officer of Twins Trust, said: “The Independent Thematic Review interim report into Maternity Services at Nottingham University Hospitals shows that urgent work is needed to improve maternity care and outcomes for families.

“While we are disappointed that the full report will be delayed, we welcome Donna Ockenden taking over as the new chair of the review.

"The UK's maternity services need to be serving pregnant women, their families and their babies, to a standard that certain hospitals - including Nottingham - have clearly not reached. That's why we're here to help hospitals to improve their antenatal care for pregnant women with twins, triplets and more - as well as supporting the families before and after the birth".  

“The report once again highlights the inequality of care across the country. The postcode lottery determines that where you live - just a few miles either way - could be the difference between unacceptable and excellent care. We're striving to improve the lives of multiples and their families and advocating for the changes that will make the biggest difference on their journey, wherever they live.

“The NICE guidelines clearly lay out the standard of care that expectant parents should receive. At Twins Trust, we're here to help people understand what care they should be getting.”

You can read the interim report here.