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Our Son Walter Corey, lost at 18 weeks on 2/27/2023 💙🤍🦋

We wish so bad that we could have you and your twin sister in our arms together at the end of this. I still carry you in my belly as your sister continues to grow, we see you so tiny next to her in the ultrasounds still,  and small parts of me wishes a miracle would happen and the doctors were wrong and you really still have a heart beat, but I also know that’s not possible. I miss you and feeling your tiny kicks so much.  😩 We will lay your body to rest once we have you and your twin sister in July, she is doing really well. I wonder if you knew she needed extra help and you left us for her to strive. For now sweet Walter Corey, I know your tiny sole is in a good and Holy place in the arms of The Lord and with your grandpa who passed away last July. There is that much more to look forward to in Heaven, when we go. We love you so so much baby boy. Until we get to meet. 🤍🦋

Love, Mommy, Daddy and your 3 sisters. 


Evie-Lily Rowcliffe 💔 Born sleeping 1-08-22, Identical twin sister to Daisy-Maeve Rowcliffe. Forever in our hearts Love from Mummy, Daddy, Big Brother Blakeley and Forever Twin Daisy-Maeve XxX


Delilah Robertson born 19th January at 11:37

I don’t ever know how to put into words for things like this, just that my heart will always be complete but my arms will always be missing you. It’s your cremation next month and we have a story to read to you, and some lullabies for you to hear. You willl always live on through your identical twin sister Amelia Delilah ❤️

These are the 2 quotes we want to remember you by.

“We think about you always, we talk about you still. You have never been forgotten and you never will. We hold you close within our hearts and there you will remain to walk with us throughout our lives until we meet again”

“It’s funny to think about things that can make you cry just knowing they existed can be the same things to make you cry to know they are now gone. I think those things come into our lives to help us get from one place to another better one”


Baby Lórien. Lost at 12 weeks. Your brother Rou, our beautiful Sunrise Twin lives on and came Earthside 01.08.2023.  We will always treasure you and speak of you. Forever a part of our hearts and soul.

Lórien. The restful place, filled with silver trees and multitudes of flowers. The Master of Dreams. “Not idly do the leaves of Lórien fall”

Mummy and Daddy love you eternally. Until we meet again our precious Sunset Twinny.


Seanpaul Singh randhawa 23/03/04 - 13/04/04 

Kyle Singh randhawa 23/03/04 - 25/03/04 

Mummy misses and love you always and  forever  my forever babies 


My little Angel Ava 03/04/24

Twin sister to Amber who we know you are with in spirit watching over her. We miss you so much our precious girl. Love mummy and daddy. 


Baby Barlow twins; twin A October 2023 at eight weeks, twin B November 2023 at 11 weeks

We never got to hold you in our arms or see your beautiful face our hearts feel empty from the loss I would give anything to hug and kiss you or even just meet you! My heart has two missing pieces if only my love could have protected you both until I see you again hope uncle Adam looks after you both and your other angel siblings!

You was so loved and wanted
Lots of love mummy and daddy x


Oren Cohen and Israel Cohen, born at 23.40 and 23.45 on 28/08/23

I don't know what happened, I'm still in shock. I will treasure forever the time I spent looking at you, holding you and holding your tiny hands.
I loved you for every second you were with me, you have changed my life and I will never ever forget you.
Nothing will ever be the same again.
All the love in the world, mummy xxx

Sonny Christopher Elliott 23.11.23-24.11.23

We miss you my boy see you on the other side my little love, rest easy up there love mom and dad ✨

Your brother your twin I'll always be because I am you and you are me.

With Love from your brother Tommy ✨


Our darling boy charlie
Too beautiful for earth
Missed and loved always
Keep shining bright over us and your twin Lenny 💙

Born sleeping 26.09.2022


Parker Lee Baitup  & Arthur Lee Baitup
Mammy and daddy daisy Angel babies💙💚


William Herman


How can someone we only knew for 16 days make such an impact on our family. We will always have a William size hole in our family but we know he is in heaven. We love you always.


Iniya Wilson 4/6/2023 to 15/7/2023

Mummy and family loves you so much. Please take care and come visit us. I miss you so much baby.

Love mummy x


In memory of our boys Alexander and David, stillborn on 28th March 1985. Still loved and remembered, till we meet again.


In memory of Oliver Kirby who was stillborn at home on 25 September 2022.

Love from twin brother Oscar, mummy (Bryony Kirby) and daddy (Tom Moisey). 


In memory of Rollo, stillborn at 36 weeks.  Beloved, so wanted son of ours and brother of Lucy. 

We miss you every day and Lucy talks about you all the time.  With love from Mummy, Daddy and Lucy.


To my tiny little fluttering twin babies❤️❤️

God let me feel your little flutters before you went to heaven on 10/14/1991 @ 8wks.

My heart is full of love for you both and always will❤️❤️

May 12, 2022, you both would have been 30yrs old. I will remember this day all my life. For it was the day, (05/12/1992), I was to become your mommy.

But I know your both are in heaven with Jesus and I will see you both someday.

The years have gone by, but I still miss being your mommy and my love for you both is even stronger than that amazing day when I felt your tiny little flutters❤️❤️

To my little fluttering babies, mommy misses you and loves you oh so very much.


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