For babies that die before 24 weeks gestation, there is no legal requirement to register the death. Registration is required by law for all babies who are born alive and who sadly die shortly after birth at any gestation. Babies who are stillborn on or after 24 completed weeks of pregnancy showing no signs of life are included on a stillbirth register.



If you live in England...

You can apply for a baby loss certificate if your baby died before 24 weeks of pregnancy. It is a voluntary scheme and is designed to formally recognise the loss and grief that every family feels. Currently, eligibility only extends to families that have lost a baby since 1 September 2018, however there are plans to expand eligibility for certificates pre-dating 2018.

Baby loss certificate


If you live in Scotland...

You can register your baby's death in a Memorial Book if your baby was born at 24 weeks showing no signs of life.

Memorial Book


Twins Trust certificates of birth
Certificate image

We also provide certificates of birth that we hope will provide families with some comfort and a precious keepsake of baby or babies who are sadly no longer here.

Whilst these are not official documents they have been designed for our baby loss community, to give our families who have had a baby who has died before 24 weeks a certificate to include in their baby's memory box or another special place within their home. Download a certificate by clicking the relevant link in the list below.


These certificates are just priceless and to me mean more than words could ever say. It is so special is the certificates recognise every baby and to have their names and details together with their siblings is incredibly special.