Twins Trust online support communities offer safe spaces for parents to talk to someone who has experienced the loss of a baby or babies.

We want you to feel less alone in your grief, and we want to be able to find you the right support which is why we have four dedicated groups for different types of loss and one main community group open to everyone. We recognise that by connecting with others who have suffered a similar loss it can provide a sense of support and safety that cannot be found elsewhere.

Our communities are there to share experiences, photographs, memories and mutual support at a time where you may feel very isolated. You may wish to share as much or as little as you feel comfortable with, we simply ask that you always do so with compassion and care for others.

All our groups are hosted on Facebook and are moderated by members of our Family Services Team Monday to Friday; 9am to 3pm.


Community support groups
Bereavement Support Group

Our Bereavement Support Group is our main community support hub and is open to everyone to be part of.

Loss of a Twin

Dedicated peer support for families who have a surviving baby following the loss of a twin.

Loss of a Triplet or Quad

Dedicated peer support for families who have surviving babies following the loss of a triplet or quad.

Bereaved Dads and Partners

Dedicated space for dads and partners to receive peer support at any stage following the loss of a twin, triplet or more.

Remembrance Community: Loss of Twins and Triplets

Dedicated peer support for families who have experienced the loss of all their babies.


Register to join our online communities

After you have asked to join one of the Facebook groups, we ask for a short registration form to be completed before you are admitted. This is so we can keep our community a safe place for all.



Please note, these communities are for peer-to-peer support, if you are seeking medical advice then please contact your GP, or your relevant health professional as soon as possible.

The loss of a baby or babies can be incredibly overwhelming. If you are feeling that you are unsafe and you may harm yourself, please reach out to the Samaritans on 116 123, your GP, your local A&E or call 999.