16 May 2024

Competing for the ‘Super Slam 50’ title, Alun is taking on eight GB Ultra Marathons in the 50-mile series this year to raise money for Twins Trust Bereavement Service.

A 50th birthday present to himself, the challenge takes him across the Wales, England and Scotland. Having already finished in the top 100 at the Chester Ultra 50, Manchester to Liverpool Ultra 50 and the Pennine Barrier Ultra 50, he has now set his sights on the Ultra Scotland 50.

Alun at the finish line of the Chester Ultra 50

Speaking about why he is running for Twins Trust, Alun said: “I am raising money in memory of Finn and Raph.

“Their mums are close family friends and were supported by Twins Trust Bereavement Service at the end of 2023.”

During each of his ultra marathon runs Alun is taking two toy dragons around with him – one for Finn and another for Raph.

Two blue dragons with one of Alun's Ultra 50 gold medals

The mums run an LGBT charity, which has been a great source of support for Alun and his three children, who are trans or non-binary as well as autistic or have ADHD. Alun said: “I want to give back to a cause close their heart. I love supporting smaller charities that support a minority group of people who may not otherwise be reached.”

Alun at the finish line of his Ultra 50 marathon

Talking about the challenges of undertaking eight ultra marathons he said: “Logistically, it’s hard. I don’t own a car but luckily my brother is a photographer for the events so I can travel with him.”

“It’s important to be disciplined with your training. I run to 15km (9.3 miles) per day, whether that is with my running club, to or from work or visiting my children.”

We’ll be following Alun’s progress over the next few months but if you’d like to support his challenge, go to his JustGiving page.