19 March 2019

A Sawbridgeworth company has raised more than £12,000 for Twins Trust by doing a number of cheesey challenges and we want to say a huge thank you!

Staff at web design and development agency Rubber Cheese raised the money over the past year by taking part in a number of wild and wacky fundraising stunts to raise cash for the charity’s bereavement service.

Kelly Molson, co-owner of Rubber Cheese, sadly lost her twin girls when they were born prematurely at 18 weeks in 2017.

Rubber Cheese staff

“Our girls came after a second round of IVF and after a previous miscarriage,” said Kelly

“As any IVF parent will tell you, we thought we had got the dream. Everyone imagines the perfect scenario and my partner Lee and I felt so incredibly lucky to be having twins.”

But Kelly sadly went into early labour and Lily May was born on 30th June and her twin sister Ava Allison arrived a few days later on 9th July. There was no reason for this to happen, they were just too young to survive.

Kelly and Lee were already booked onto a Twins Trust course to prepare for the birth of their babies, so when Kelly emailed to cancel, she was put in touch with the Bereavement Support Group.

“Everyone in that group is so incredibly supportive – you can say exactly how you feel and no one will judge you,” said Kelly.

“I’m in touch with a befriender and we message and chat all the time, she has been incredible.”

Kelly had always wanted to mark Rubber Cheese’s 15th anniversary in 2018 and always had in mind to do something for charity.

After Twins Trust offered bereavement support via a befriender, Kelly decided she would like to support the service.

“So we attacked the fundraising ideas with gusto!” said Kelly.

There was a whole load of ‘cheesey’ challenges to get stuck into all themed around the number 15 and including breaking the world record for the fastest time to eat a can of Cheddar Cheese Pringles,  a 15-hour fancy dress danceathon, and a 15-hour team cycle challenge, all whilst interviewing other business owners.

Kelly’s friends Helen and Matt did a massive challenge – a motorcycle event where they rode through 15 countries in 15,000 minutes (*roughly 10.5 days!)

The year of fundraising has just come to an end and the Rubber Cheese team are delighted with what they have achieved.