27 February 2023

We are excited to announce that we have been working with Sands and the other NBCP (National Bereavement Care Pathway) charities and have written our own Twin and Multiple Birth Further Bereavement Care Guidance to sit along the existing care pathways.  This was written in response to the Bereavement Care Report Jan 2022 that many of you participated in.

Sharon Darke, Twins Trust's Senior Bereavement Officer said “It has been encouraging to write this multiple specific guide to enable Healthcare Professionals to access Bereavement Care guidance relating to twins, triplets and more all in one document. We hope that it helps to ensure good bereavement care for everyone who experiences the death of one or more of their babies.”

Professor Mark Kilby, Senior Medical Advisor for Twins Trust said "Although multiple pregnancies can be a wonderful event, sadly they may be associated with an increased risk of complications.  This published document focuses upon care and best practice during pregnancy loss complicating a multiple pregnancy. The multidisciplinary document highlights the differences experienced by couples with a multiple pregnancy and singleton pregnancies complicated by pregnancy loss and highlights the important of an evidence-based and compassionate care pathway."

The NBCP exists to equip healthcare professionals to provide the best possible bereavement care to parents and families after pregnancy loss or the death of a baby.

NBCP care guidance

The NBCP is based around nine bereavement care standards which Trusts and Boards commit to reaching each time a baby dies or a pregnancy is lost.

NBCP bereavement care standards

For more information, access a  free e-learning module outlining the different types of loss, and explaining the NBCP in more depth.

The NBCP is led by Sands in conjunction with Royal Colleges and the following baby loss charities:

Antenatal Results and Choices (ARC)
Lullaby Trust
Miscarriage Association

If you live in Scotland please visit the National Bereavement Care Pathway in Scotland.