20 September 2022

Phil walked the South Downs Way with his best friend.

Phil’s wife Rosalind shared how it went and why it was important to undertake this challenge in memory of their twins, Kit and Archie.

Phil and Rosalind Kingston-Jones

"We have been blown away by the support of people both in their moral support and donations. Lots of people joined Phil and his friend on the walk at different stages and I joined the last two days. It was an amazing experience and a really nice way to make memories with our friends and family who didn’t get to meet Kit and Archie. Walking with them always in our thoughts. It was a great focus for us over the week that was their due date and helped us channel our grief into something positive."

Phil Kingston-Jones walking the South Downs Way with his best friend

"It also helped our friends and family to speak to us about Kit and Archie. Lots of people struggle to find words to support us. I think it helped them, talking to us about the walk, and why we were doing it. It allowed a conversation to open up more easily in situations where sometimes people struggled, so everyone could show us their love and support, which we needed."

Phil Kingston-Jones walking the South Downs Way